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As part of our district's efforts to be more conscientious about items going home, and our efforts to be environmentally friendly, Community Education will distribute approved community flyers to participants via Peachjar. Approved flyers are emailed to participants weekly.

Flyers must meet criteria according to district policies and the classes, events or activities must take place within the boundaries of South Washington County Schools. All flyers are approved by the District through the Peachjar system.

Non-profit organizations and programs should visit for instructions on how to upload your flyer. Peachjar charges a small fee for this service. Non-school sponsored organizations must include the following disclaimer on the digital flyer: “This program or activity is not sponsored by South Washington County Schools and the District accepts no liability or responsibility for this program/activity.”

Once uploaded, your flier will be automatically submitted to Community Education. District staff will approve or deny the flyer based on district policy. Flyers will be emailed on a weekly basis. Flyers must be submitted for approval by Tuesday at 5 p.m. for email delivery on Wednesdays.

Create an Account in Peachjar to Submit Electronic Flyers

South Washington County Schools uses to distribute electronic flyers to families of students in our District.

If you would like to submit a flyer, please read these helpful tips:

  1. All flyers must be uploaded to Peachjar by the group sponsoring the event or activity.

  2. Flyers must be submitted as a PDF, letter size, portrait or vertical layout. Colorful flyers with few words and large fonts that include a website address for more information are most effective.

  3. All activities, events, materials and opportunities must relate directly to children and families and must comply with the District's advertising policy. The District reserves the right to deny permission for the posting or distribution of materials that are not consistent with the best interests of students and families or that directly compete with District programs or services, including South Washington County Schools Community Education or other public or private schools.

  4. When you create an account to upload flyers, please select that you are a "Parent Group Representative" or a "Program Provider."

Weekly Deadlineand Email Distribution

  • Deadline:The deadline for uploading flyers is Tuesday evening for approval Wednesday morning. When you upload your flyer, make sure thepost date is set to Wednesday of the week you want the flyer to be emailed to families.

  • Email distribution: One weekly email message is typically sent on Wednesdays to South Washington County Schools families.



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