Medication Policy

Kids Club uses the procedures below for dispensing medication during program hours. These procedures comply with District 833 School Board policy and must be followed.

  1. Forms: Under no circumstance will program staff administer or provide any medication (prescription or over the counter) without written parent/guardian authorization and physician authorization as required. A Medication Authorization form is available on this website. 
  2. Families must provide medication in its original container labeled by the pharmacist with the following information:
    • Child’s name
    • Name, address, and phone number of pharmacy
    • Name of physician/pharmacist
    • Directions for use
    • Name of manufacturer
    • Date of original issue/renewal - families must track expiration dates and resupply medications as needed.
    • Generic or trade name of drug and strength.
  3. Medication must be delivered to a Site Supervisor and will be stored in a locked cabinet.
  4. Medication will be administered only by a Site Supervisor, except in the case of lifesaving medications.
  5. Each school will keep a log for each student.
  6. When transferring sites for Non-School Days and/or summer, it is the family’s responsibility to bring medication and signed forms to the new site.
  7. Written permission is collected for application of sunscreen and

    insect repellent.

When transferring sites (season to season, non-school days), it is the family's responsibility to bring medications and signed forms to the new site.

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Jennifer Herlick
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