Youth Swimming Lessons

Youth Swimming Lessons

Classes are offered year round for children age 6 - 14, starting with our Beginner 1 class. We nurture a child's willingness to do each skill and adjust to direction.  With each lesson we build on the confidence your child gains.  A child may be in a course for several session or just one before they have the skills needed for the next level.  From day one your child's safety is our number one concern.  With this in mind we welcome parents to observe classes.

Intro to Beginner 1: (Ages 6-14) This class is a first class for 6-14 year olds who have had no previous swimming lessons or have an apprehension to being in a large pool without floatation. We will go at the child's pace to build their confidence and trust with their instructor. During the course we will transition from activities on the wall, to skills with instructor's hold.

Beginner 1: (Age 6-14) This starting class is instructor held.  Water comfort is built on through basic floats and strokes. 

Beginner 2:  (Ages 6.5-14) Children are independently able to float and swim basic strokes for short periods. Prerequisite - staff approved completion of Beginner 1.

Beginner 3:  (Ages 7-14) Children are swimming independently with their arms out of the water and using side breathing; can swim a backstroke for 15 feet; and is comfortable swimming over deep water. Prerequisite - staff approved completion of Beginner 2.

Intermediate 1: (Ages 7-14) Children can swim the front crawl with side breathing, elementary backstroke, and backstroke for 25 yards each; scissors kick for 10 yards; and treads water for 30 seconds.  Prerequisite - staff approved completion of Beginner 3. 

Intermediate 2: (Ages 7-14) Children can swim the front crawl, backstroke and elementary backstroke-25 yards with correct kick and arms; backstroke for 25 yards; sidestroke with arm extension, side body position, scissors kick with glide-15 yards; and treads water for 1 minute.   Prerequisite - staff approved completion of Intermediate 1.

Advanced: (Ages 8-14) Front crawl and backstroke have been perfected and can be maintained-50 yards; elementary backstroke and sidestroke with an extended glide and  kick-25 yards, Breaststroke timing of arm, kick, glide-15 yards; butterfly kick; and treads water 1 minute 30 seconds. Prerequisite - staff approved completion of Intermediate 2. 

Swimmer: (Ages 8-14) Front crawl, and backstroke can be maintained-75 yards; elementary backstroke and sidestroke-50 yard; breaststroke-25 yards; butterfly arm with dolphin kick-15 yards; and treads water for 5 minutes. Prerequisite - staff approved completion of Advanced.

 (Ages 6-14)  Limited to three students. This class is offered in two formats; Beginner 1 & 2 and Beginner 3 & Intermediate 1. 

Semi-Private Special Needs: (Ages 3-14)  Offered during a quieter time in the pool, this class is for a child who has difficulty functioning in a standard class or needs physical adaptations to their lessons. Limit of two students. This class may also be split time for a student who is not able to adapt to shared time.   

Private: (All Ages) This individual time enables you to work one-on-one with the instructor to enhance skills of your choosing. 

Learn to Dive: (Ages 8-14) Offered in two different levels. Beginner is for students who need to learn the basics; stretching, approaches, jumping, standing and bounce dives, from the deck or board. Advanced is for students who know the diving board approach and continue to work on strength, forward and backward dives in the straight, tuck and pike positions. 

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