Adaptations have been made to program practices and options to align with COVID-19 health and safety protocols:

Information within our handbook does not always reflect changes made to align with COVID-19 health and safety protocols or changes to program practices in response to COVID-19 considerations. Please access our Parent Orientation to find current program practices here

Families will work with Nutrition Services for any health needs associated with meal service. 

Visit the Nutrition Services web page to find details on pricing, menus, meal accounts and health needs. 

Breakfast & Snack

(school year, summer, non-school days)
served daily to all scheduled participants opting for the meal. No additional fees. 


Kids Club lunch options are now the same as what takes place during the school year on regular school days. Participants will decide each day if they would like to bring cold lunch from home or have hot lunch at a fee, served by Nutrition Services. 

  • Hot Lunch
    - $3.00 per meal
    - ala carte items available at an additional fee. 
    - Fees will be assessed through SchoolCafe (school lunch account). 

  • Cold Lunch
    A bag lunch needs to include a beverage and utensils. Refrigeration is not available. 

Non-School Days
All participants need to bring a bag lunch including a beverage and utensils. Refrigeration is not available. Unlike summer, there is no lunch available through Kids Club on non-school days if you fail to bring a lunch from home.