Oltman Middle School

OMS Auditorium

Capacity: 350 seats 

Technology: LCD projector and screen, surround system, theatrical lighting

Other: Music classrooms adjacent to auditorium, often used as green rooms. Accessibility to cafeteria useful for pre-event programming and/or gatherings 

OMS Pool

Capacity: 400 spectator seats

Technology available to rent: 

• Daktronics Model SW-2108-13 single sided 8 module
• in-deck aquatics scoreboard and timing system
• scoreboard to function for diving well lap events
• Omni sport 2000 controller
• In-deck cabling with push button timing
• Touch pads and storage cart
• Portable horn start system including strobe light, microphone and speaker
• Auxillary record time modules to display team scores, events heat, record time and lengths

Diving Well: Yes. Includes two Duraflex International Corporation's Maxiflex diving boards