Early Learners

Swimming Lessons for Early Learners

It is important for children to learn the importance of water safety at an early age. Our program offers your family year-round swimming lessons. Our Aides and Instructors put safety above all else and many of our staff teaching your child are also certified lifeguards. We strive to provide you and your child an enjoyable experience building comfort, confidence, and skills are the foundation to swimming.

Toddler Parent/Child (1 - 3 years)

Enjoy the water together! Learn about water safety, play games and sing silly songs that all help your child become comfortable in the water. Parent skills include front and back float holds, safety practices, games and songs that make your child's time in the water, fun.

Intro to Preschool Beginner (3 - 4.5 years)

This parent and child class is a first class for 3-5 year olds who had no previous swimming lessons or have an apprehension toward water play or experience anxiety away from their parent. Parent and child will start together as we work on the child's comfort and confidence as they play games and work on skills. During the course we will gradually transition from parent helping in the water to observing from the deck. We will move at the child's pace as they build a trust relationship with their instructor. Registration is due 1 week in advance. Thereafter a $5 late fee is added to the registration price.

Preschool Beginner (3 - 5.5 years)

This is a child's first class without their parent. We use fun games and activities to teach children comfort and trust with their teacher. They work on floats, basic kicking, arm movements, breath control and following directions.

Preschool Advanced A (3 - 5 years)

A child receives approval to advance to this class when they are very comfortable with a teacher and will easily put their face and ears in the water while practicing their floats. At this stage a child will hold onto the wall.

Preschool Advanced B (3.5 - 5 years)

Children approved for this class easily put their head underwater and need minimal help in being supported for floats and beginning stroke work. Children work toward float and swimming independently.

Special Needs (3.5 - 14)

This class is offered during a quieter time in the pool with a maximum of 2 students per instructor. This class if for students who are not able to function in a group lesson format.

Private Lessons (3 - 14)

This class is one on one instruction in shared space. Students work on class requirements or a skill that they are having difficulty with.

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