Respectful Communication

Modeling respectful behavior is important for our kids. We expect our staff to maintain respectful and professional communication at all times. In addition, we expect that families maintain respectful communication with all program staff. If issues arise between children, address the concern to your Site Supervisors who will work with all children on site. Do not speak with another child.

Suggestions, Questions & Concerns

In order to address your needs at the most appropriate and effective level, we suggest the following steps.

  1. Before a need arises, it is important that you get to know your site staff. Building a positive relationship helps your child to have a great experience in Kids Club. Our staff will be reaching out to say hello and share information about your child as much as we can while working with the children.
  2. If you have a concern, speak with your Site Supervisor. We recommend calling during non-student contact time or having a short, direct conversation at pick-up or drop-off. Please get to know your site staff!
  3. If concerns persist or discussing the issue with the Site Supervisor proves to be insufficient contact a Kids Club Coordinator at the central office.
  4. Families are welcome to request a conference.
  5. If issues persist, contact the Out-of-School Time Program Manager.
  6. Feedback is always welcome. Formally Kids Club seeks regular feedback in the form of electronic surveys throughout the year. Please take time to respond! The information gathered is used to guide program decisions!

Family Area - Folders & Communication Notebook

Each program has a space dedicated for posting important information (a ‘Parent Board’). Please review this area often for new information. We also use a system of on-site family folders to share information. Please check these folders daily. Additionally, each program will have a ‘family communication notebook’ on the sign in/out table.

Email Information

E-mail alerts will also be sent out to our families using all e-mail addresses on your child’s current contraqct. Emails from our central office and your Site Supervisors will include program registration information, Non-School Day registration materials, site newsletters, emergency closing updates and so on. The subject line will often start with ‘Kids Club’ and will be from a username@smore address . Please be sure to read all! If you are not receiving emails, contact your Site Supervisor to verify your address or login to your customer profile, select your child's current Kids Club enrollment contract to verify your information. Updating information will need to be done through our business office (email: 
Emails will be sent to keep you informed of site activities and what you need to do to prepare your child for participation. Please read emails carefully and watch for additional information posted in the family area, daily schedules , activity calendars (summer) and lesson plans. 

During the summer program our groups are involved in numerous events and activities each week. During this season emails are sent on Fridays each week with details and information for the next week's programming. 

School Year
Information emails are sent monthly around the first week of the month. These communications will often include enrollment planning details (non-school days, seasonal) as well as site program events and plans. 

 Non-School Days
  • Enrollment
    Two weeks before each session's enrollment deadline an email will be sent to all participants noting special events. 
    Two-three days before a session deadline a reminder will be emailed to request or remove enrollments before the deadline. 
  • Participation
    You will receive an email one week prior to each session in which you have enrolled. This email will come from staff working at your non-school day location. This email will contain important details to assist you in planning your child's participation in the session. 

Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

 The Kids Club Parent Advisory Council is made up of parent/guardian representatives from each site. The council meets two times per year to support program initiatives. If you would like additional information regarding our advisory council, please contact Heather Wilkin at 651-425-6639 or