Child Guidance

Kids Club promotes a positive approach with all children and the management of behavior expectations.

Our program environment:

  • Provides a positive, safe and pleasant atmosphere.
  • Meets the developmental level of the age group.
  • Provides space for socialization and independence.
  • Maximizes the capacity of staff supervision.

Student Behaviors

  1. Respect fellow students; do not tease or harass. Bullying behaviors will not be tolerated.
  2. Treat materials with care.
  3. Return materials to their proper place after use.
  4. Share all materials.
  5. Clean up after yourself.
  6. Listen to and follow the direction of staff at all times.
  7. Report problems to any Kids Club staff member.
  8. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  9. Gum and candy are not allowed.
  10. All school district rules and policies will be followed.
  11. Use acceptable language.

Site Expectations

Each site’s behavior expectations are created with the children’s input and posted. Children will have a clear understanding of the program rules. Expectations emphasize each child’s responsibility to the other children, staff and the environment.

  • Behaviors that cause harm or do not follow expectations may result in a loss of privileges. Parents/guardians will be notified of the behavior.
  • If behavior is unsafe or continues to be disruptive, parents will be notified and expected to immediately pick up their child.
  • If behavior on field trips is dangerous or unacceptable, field trip privileges will be withdrawn and parents/guardians will need to provide alternate care for their child during these events.
The program staff will work with each family to create a successful environment for each child in our program.

Reporting Behaviors

Site Supervisors will have conversations with parents as soon as possible after behaviors occur in order to work with you and support your child’s positive participation. Behaviors will be documented on the Kids Club Documentation Form or a Note About Your Child's Day. Repeated serious behaviors towards one’s self, other children or staff, disregard for rules and authority or threatening behavior may result in program suspensions