Arrival to Program

  • We open at 6:30 a.m. Children and parents may not sign-in before 6:30 a.m.
  • In order to accept legal responsibility all parents/guardians must sign their child in each morning via an app on the Kids Club iPad. Individuals dropping off their child must be entered in to your online customer profile in order to appear within the app for signature.
  • If the group is away from home base at drop-off you are responsible for escorting them to join the group.
  • Failure to sign your child in or out of the program can result in removal from the program.

Picking Up Your Child

  • Parents/guardians must sign-out their child each afternoon using the app on our program iPad.
  • A person picking up can only sign-out as themselves. No one is allowed to sign-out as another person or on another person’s sign-out line. If you need to add someone to the sign-out list you can do so by accessing the child’s account online or talk to your Site Supervisor or our business office.
  • Program staff are required to ask for photo identification from anyone unfamiliar attempting to pick up a child.
  • Staff will not release your child to anyone who has not been listed on your child’s emergency card or authorized pick-up list with the exception of local authorities, if necessary.


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