All Kids

All Kids - Personalization

Our work starts with a focus on all kids. It is the center of what we do and working to ensure that each child has the opportunity to thrive is essential. We have a commitment to understanding each child’s uniqueness and helping to personalize their
experience in Kids Club.

8 Key Learning Areas

Children are offered options to participate in group and individual activities focused on 8 key learning areas which have been identified by families, Kids Club staff and school day staff.
  • Literacy and Reading
  • STEM
  • The Arts
  • Life Skills
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Physical Activity
  • Culture and Language
  • Health and Wellness

Social Emotional Learning

Of the identified goal areas, social emotional learning continuously ranks #1 among the goal areas. Kids Club staff have spent significant time learning about social emotional learning and will continue to focus on these skills when working with your child.

Kids Club Goal Work

Through an extensive process of working with our program staff, school district staff, families and our children the key goal areas were defined upon which Kids Club would focus our work.
They are:

  • Social Emotional
  • Learning Health and Wellness 
  • Broad Range of Activities 
  • Increased Academics 
  • Well-trained Staff 
  • Collaboration